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With a proven track record, our team is expert in placing reliable solutions exceeding the customers expectations.

We'll see your project from design through to post-deployment maintenance. Ideally you should start thinking about your WiFi and lifestyle needs when planning your next office, classroom, industrial worksite or home - a simple conversation with us will help you have a clearer picture of your future needs.
We've been building WiFi networks for over a decade and only use long-term durable products, which means your WiFi solution will be fit for whatever the future holds. With the latest technology we can help you to monitor and track all wireless devices on your network.
We like to make things simple by pre-testing equipment before we come to you. This means we can deploy systems on-site effectively - and quickly.
In an ideal world nobody would need maintenance services. If you do have an issue with your system it's important to have good after-sales support, which is where we can help you. Matt Wilson Director of WiFi Guys says "After sales service and maintenance is a true measure company's performance"

High-tech farming: wireless networks of the future

With the advent of fiber broadband and farming technology like Protrack and MINDA, WiFi systems are becoming more commonplace on farms. We can help design and deploy a WiFi Farm Network that enables all computers and devices around the farm to be linked and share a common Internet connection - making it easier for you to keep track of business.
Matt Wilson, director of WiFi Guys, says: "I see WiFi becoming a critical part of farming, going forward. Building a strong WiFi Farm Network from the ground up is critical for technology to be used to its full potential in the next 5-10 years. We design and build your wireless networks like we're building a road, for generations to come. Once the WiFi network is running, it can handle any traffic you give it in the future. Today's farms have a computer in the cow shed and maybe some WiFi in the house. Tomorrow's farmers will demand wide spread coverage over their farms. This will give them access to cow shed computers, video security cameras, switching pumps on/off to monitoring system status of the irrigation system or water pump. We don't know exactly what technology has in store for us, but we do know it will use TCP/IP Internet technology to communicate."
Contact us today to discuss your WiFi solutions, big or small, for your farm.

What's the Cloud all about?

The majority of companies are moving to cloud based technology: that is, information and systems are stored in virtual online networks rather than being saved to tangible technology such as hard drives and physical servers. You can have a personal cloud network (e.g. computers and devices in your home can interact with each other) or a corporate cloud network (e.g. company laptops, cellphones, tablets etc all interact with each other on a secure network).
The great thing about the cloud is that you can access documents and systems from anywhere in the world. What this has meant is that WiFi access is more important than ever. People require secure, consistent internet access to access the cloud.
The cloud has become a bit of a buzzword lately, with much unnecessary confusion around it. DO NOT be fooled into thinking you need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to achieve a high-quality WiFi performance. We can help you build a reliable, secure solution - and we're so sure of this that we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee policy on all products and services. This gives you time to test the solution before final payment is made.