Monitor and Control

WiFi doesn't have to be confusing. We offer free software packages with our products that give you a visual representation of whats happening with your network. We make WiFi simple.

WiFi in your home...

You may want to keep tabs on your fibre internet usage at home. If you have UFB or another ultra-highspeed network it may be hard to monitor data usage in a simple and real-time way.
By having software that monitors wireless clients and devices you can tell who is using how much data and when.
This is especially useful when you've got multiple devices in a home eg tablets, laptops and smartphones - it stops "Mister Nobody" getting the blame for using all the data.

Guest WiFi for hotels/motels/cafes

Your hotel/motel/cafe could offer customers a free or paid guest portal by simply giving customers a login code that is only enabled for the length of their stay.
Alternatively you can charge customers for internet access depending on your needs.
Many motels provide free WiFi with a single password and this is fine except when one customer is a heavy user and other guests suffer.
This can also be an issue if there are many customers using it at once; it slows down dramatically.
With the use of Control software we can ensure that all customers get equal internet speeds and help reduce slow downs.
Our Monitoring and Control software can be set up with no on-going/monthly costs.

Business WiFi

You may have a business or POS system with many WiFi devices that need monitoring: we can help you create a 'map' of all your devices.

This map will show you visually when a device is on-line and responding, allowing you to see when devices are struggling to get data through or are disconnected totally.

This way if a device goes offline you will know immediately and you can solve the problem before there are any issues.

Unlimited Scalability. Build your wireless networks as small or big as you need. Start with one, expand to thousands.