Access Points

We have a range of Access points and antennas available to suit your needs.
We can provide you a system for your next event complete with setup and someone onsite.
Or we can provide Solutions on a longer basis if you are only using a space for a short time.
We take care of the setup and manage the network so you don't have to.

Point to Point

WiFi Guys can provide Tempory data links for you.
Especially useful if you need to setup an easy link where you can't use cabling or don't want too.
Links can be very long if need be up to kilometers provided you have line of sight.

Monitor and Control

Helps you have a visual idea of whats happening live on your network.
Monitor what devices are on your network at your event.
What devices are using data and how much.
Can tell you when a device like RFID scanner is having network issues before there is a problem.
Lets you know what the issue is so you can act.


If you need an internet connection in an area or building on a temporary basis we can help you.
We can provide connections for your required speed for as little as 1hour or for as long as you want.
This service has been used for POS services at events, live video streaming online, or even replacing a low bandwidth internet connection at a conference.

Camera Monitoring

We can provide IP cameras in locations you want to keep an eye on like gates and queues.
Because it works over your network any device (only the devices you want) with WiFi can be used to monitor the cameras and can be a useful managment tool.


In some cases locations you want to have WiFi coverage may not have power or may have unreliable power.
We can provide a solar/battery power system that is completely self sustained and can provide a Wireless network or data link you need even when there is no power available.