About Us

About Wifiguys

WiFi Guys is Christchurch and Canterbury's trusted name in WiFi sales, upgrades, installation and service support.
With over a decade's industry experience, our customers trust us to deliver services that meet their needs, every time. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and we've delivered innovative solutions to offices, schools and industrial environments. We're also specialised in providing blanket coverage over rural farms and Point-to-Point radio data links stretching 50km and beyond.
Demand for fast, consistent and reliable WiFi is growing globally and this isn't about to slow down. Homes and businesses in the furthest corners of the country are demanding better internet as demand increases and as WiFi internet repeaters on remote hill tops become more commonplace. And we're up for the challenge.

Why Choose Us

  • We only do WiFi, so we know what we're talking about
  • We'll push your WiFi boundaries with the latest technology and we'll deliver it on schedule
  • We're known for thinking 'outside the box'. If we can think of a better way to do something, we'll talk it through with you
  • We like a challenge and we're not afraid of the toughest customer demands. If you have a complex job, we make it simple
  • We offer a 'whole package' service from concept to supply, configuration, problem solving and ongoing maintenance
  • We only do Wifi, and we're proud of that.


"After the upgrade we had some issues that seemed similar to before the upgrade. WiFi Guys are knowledgeable with networking in general and were able to solve a long outstanding issue. Now we are a fault free WiFi school. This now gives me the time to manage education issues and not continuous networking issues"
David O'Neill the Principal, St Mary's School

"I can now see the customers data usage and can now control the use of my internet service. The installation of three radios now cover all my rooms to the point that my regular customers notices have commented the increase of signal and performance. It is so easy to use and control from my PC. The after sales service is very good sorting out a couple of things after the installation. The cost effectiveness of the package is very clear now we have upgraded. I highly recommend your services"
John Lee, Manager of Azena Motel

"Since WiFi Guys upgraded our network, we have had no complaints about weak signal or lack of internet connectivity."
Frances Thomas, Ashley Motel

"We are now able to complete cloud based exams and online education for the first time ever with out being disconnected."
Teacher, St Mary's School